Will Venable

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Will Venable is the son or former major leaguer Max Venable and was a scrappy basketball player at Princeton. If you are Latino, feel like talking like a Latino or are Mark Grant then you pronounce his last name like "Ven-ah-blay."

Drama and Wonko like to use the memes "I always hated that guy" or "I always loved that guy" depending on the latest outcome produced by the Padres outfielder. This originated from Drama's early criticisms of Venable back in July 2009. Things like "I'm sorry. Venable is awful." and "Has Venable EVER had a hit?" to eventually flip-flopping to "I've always LOVED Venable." in August 2009. The love would not last and Drama's fickle ways would bounce him between love and hate. Wonko copies him because he's poser and can relate to Drama's waffling.