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A favorite of jodes0405. It stands for Winsies Bro Hymn It's The Friar Bitch and is proclaimed after Padres wins.

Winsies: A fun way to say that the result was a win.
Bro Hymn: The Padres used to play the song "Bro Hymn" by Pennywise when the team won.
It's The Friar, Bitch: Something to yell in order to proclaim that the Padres are the shit.

When the Padres went on a tear in 2010 and spent most of the season atop the NL West, "First Place Padres" was included in between "Bro Hymn" and "It's the Friar Bitch" to make WBHFPPITFB. Sometimes when the Padres climb out of last place, "____ Place Padres" is added back into the mix.