Umpires We Hate

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  • Mike Winters - The racist douchebag who started a fight with Milton Bradley in 2007 that led to Milton's season ending knee injury. Has the ability to see outs that don't occur.
  • Tim McClelland - Home plate umpire for Game 163
  • Rob Drake - Blind asshole of an umpire who had a really sucky night calling balls and strikes that resulted in Adrian Gonzalez' first career ejection.
  • Larry Vanover - Not quite as hated as some of the guys on this list, but on 6/14/2010 he clearly called a different strike zone for us. That's a dick move. Yorvit Torrealba got pretty pissed about it too. On 8/19/2011 He called Wade LeBlanc out at home, even though Wade was clearly safe. Padres fans booed this man
  • Rich Garcia - Tino Martinez struck out.
  • Angel Hernandez - Threw out Bud Black after Tim Stauffer struck out an opposing player. Buddy didn't say a word. He's also had some egregious errors at the Padres expense.
  • Joe West - Called Eric Patterson out for not tagging up to score even though he pretty clearly did. General screw ups aren't usually a way to draw the fans' ire, but in this case the umpire shouldn't be calling a player out for such things without actually seeing the play.
  • Tim Timmons - Ejected Chase Headley near the end of a game against the Giants on 7/4/2011. There was no confrontation or any comments made about the umpire. Timmons ejected him after Headley swung and missed at a 3rd strike and threw his bat in disgust. He then proceeded to squeeze Heath Bell in the 9th.
  • Dale Scott - Ruled a bunt attempt by Jesus Guzman went fair after ruling it was a foul ball. Confusion led to a triple play and an ejection of manager Bud Black in a tie game in the 9th inning.[1]


  1. Umpire Dale Scott assisted triple play helps Dodgers beat the Padres, 5-4