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Triforce was a moniker for the once-wondrous Padres Bullpen threesome of Luke Gregerson-Mike Adams-Heath Bell. Triforce is a central element in the Legend of Zelda series of games, and is a source of great power in the Zelda Universe. This group of fantastic relievers was also sometimes called "Trifecta" so as to not anger Nintendo, making sure they didn't come to us in the night and get us.

eastbaysd first used the terminology "trifecta" during the 11, 2010 open game thread when these 3 relievers were again used effectively and were "lights out". creanium posted the Zelda symbol for "Triforce". eastbay asked creanium if headshots of these 3 awesome relievers could be integrated into the Triforce symbol. Add the symbol for "Triforce" integrated with the Padres bullpen awesome threesome and voila! you get the symbol of the Padres Bullpen Triforce, a force to be reckoned with!

Soon after the image surfaced, the nicknames of the Triforce were assigned to each pitcher. Luke Gregerson was Courage; Mike Adams was Wisdom and Heath Bell was Power. All GLBers agreed on these nicknames, and it was good.