Tom Garfinkel

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Tom Garfinkel aka Tom Godfinkel is the current President of the Padres. He is awesome.

His quote, "San Diego is a 'breakfast town'" that was given after doing research on Padres fans is the inspiration for Breakfasttown USA.

Once Tom asked some Padre fans, including eastbaysd, who he had bought drinks for, what could be made better at Petco Park. She replied she would like to be able to see the pitch count from her LF season seat. He then whipped out his Blackberry, and punched in a few numbers and letters. Within a few heart-stopping minutes, he proclaimed "Done". Present Padre fans were sufficiently impressed.

A bit later, eastbaysd asked if all present could take some pictures, but patrons were not allowed to bring their cell phones. Tom again whipped out his Blackberry and said that we could use his phone to take photos. Pics were taken and then he e-mailed them to eastbay and gaslampball to rub it in. Eastbay posted a fanpost the next day with much text and photo goodness. It was epic.

This would help set the tone for the type of fan interaction the President and COO, and later CEO, would undertake during his entire tenure. He gave out ticket upgrades to people that found him at locations he'd tweet. He would get things fixed around Petco Park that were tweeted to him. He would meet with and converse with fans at many different Padres related events.

He even gave out updated retired numbers T-shirts to Gaslamp Ballers that showed up to a pregame gather before Trevor Hoffman's retirement ceremony.

Garfinkel stepped down as President and CEO in 2013. He was succeeded by Mike Dee.