Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey is a Gaslamp Ball community project that will chronicle the 2012 Padres season through the lives of their greatest fans and an old jersey.


At Padres FanFest in February, jbox picked up a game-worn jersey once belonging to Padres first-baseman Dave Staton for $25. Dave Staton played in 46 games with the Padres during the 1993-1994 seasons.

After procurement, GLB took volunteers of members who wanted a one-week stint with the jersey. The only catch was they needed to write a FanPost - complete with pictures - about their week-long adventures with the jersey.

Nater Tater

First up with the jersey was GLB member Nater Tater in Yuma, AZ. Fitting, as Yuma was the original Spring Training home of the Padres until 1993. Even more fitting is that Nater Tater works at Desert Sun Stadium, the Padres old Spring Training home stadium.

He graciously chronicled his week with the jersey[1]. An Arizona patch was attached to the front of the jersey.

RJ's Fro

After his week was up, Nater Tater passed on the jersey on to RJ's Fro. RJ's Fro would gallivant across Arizona wearing the jersey, boozing and schmoozing with local San Diego Celebrities[2]. A Bring Back The Brown patch was added.

At the end of his time with the magical jersey, he handed it off to GLB's own Dex.


To this date, it is unknown as to what Dex did with the jersey.

On March 19, 2012, Dex handed off the jersey to Pad Squad Erin.

Pad Squad Erin

Erin is the first female sister to belong to the sisterhood. She car surfed with it, had a run in with the law (allegedly), wore it to a softball game and took a group photo with fellow Pad Squad members in Peoria[3].

She handed the jersey back to jbox who turned it over to justGWYNNbaby.


justGWYNNbaby took the jersey to Mexico.[4] It went to the cities of Mexico City, Oaxaca and Muzente. It got spiritual at an ancient site, received some culture in museums and survived the elements camping on the beach. Added to the jersey were a Pumas patch and a Oaxaca armband.


IputtheYinTony received the jersey on Friday, April 13, 2012. It got to listen to a baseball author, go to Dodgers Stadium to watch a Padres game and enjoy a Dodger dog.[5] It picked up a Los Angeles patch on this leg of the journey.


AIChief took the jersey to old stadium sites from San Diego and San Francisco's PCL days. It went to AT&T Park as well as a host of other eclectic San Francisco sites.[6] A Grateful Dead Dancing Bear patch became part of the jersey on these travels.


Padscharg's time with the jersey coincided with the untimely passing of Chargers legend Junior Seau and in his memory added "R.I.P. #55" in black sharpie to the top of the "S" in the interlocking "SD" on the front of the jersey. He would take it to the most famous San Diego historic landmark in Mission San Diego de Alcala as well as a return visit to Petco Park before using its powers to help him complete a half marathon from Escondido to Safari Park at the Wild Animal Park.[7] A patch commemorating its trip to the Mission became part of the jersey as well.


The jersey was shipped to London to be worn by london_balling. It saw the sights of London both historic and sports-related.[8]

london_balling met up with sixpakfrombelgium at Wembley Stadium to hand off the jersey and take in the England-Belgium soccer friendly.


sixpakfrombelgium took the jersey back to Belgium in order to take in the sites of the capital city of Brussels as well as the port city of Antwerp. It saw plenty of the famous locales of both and took in some tasty Belgian beer.[9]

It was then sent back to San Diego for John Gennaro to don.

John Gennaro

Sony Home Plate Club at Petco Park, Coors Brewey Company, Odell Brewering Company, Coors Field for a Padres games vs the Rockies and Breckenridge Brewery. [10]

Royals Fan

Kauffman Field for a Royals game vs the White Sox, Arthur Bryant's Barbeque and the site of the old Municipal Stadium in Kansas City. Patches added: Eric Hosmer.[11]

Jonny Dub

Batting Cages, Solvang, Hearst Castle, Bixby Creek Bridge and AT&T Park for Padres game vs the Giants. [12]


Somewhere in West Virginia.[13]


Reds Hall of Fame, Great American Ballpark for Padres game vs the Reds and a less-than-ideal handoff to Leila Rahimi. Patches added: Piece of David Wellss game worn jersey, Living Saints, Garvey patch and Chargers bolt.[14]

Leila Rahimi

Great American Ballpark for Padres game vs the Reds complete with an appearance on Fox Sports San Diego's broadcast of the game.[15]


Handoff at PNC Park where it attended a Padres game vs the Pirates and USC where it met George Tirebiter. Patches added: USC.[16]


South Eugene High School, the site of Civic Stadium where Eugene Emeralds used to play and PK Park to see a Eugene Emeralds game. Pins added: Eugene Emeralds.[17]


Hudson Valley Renegades playoff game, Cooperstown, another Hudson Valley Renegades playoff game, Liberty State Park, 9/11 monument, Storm King Mountain and Walkway Over The Hudson. Patches Added: National Baseball Hall Of Fame.[18]

B Cres

Played organ at Bobby's mom's house, Lou's Records, behind the scenes and playing organ at Petco Park for a Padres game, Spreckels Organ Pavilion. Patches added: Balboa Park.[19] [20]

Jonny Dub Again

Quallcomm Stadium for Chargers Monday Night Football game vs the Broncos, Circuit of the Americas for F1 practices and race and Downtown Austin for F1 Fan Fest. Patches added: Don't Mess With Texas.[21]


Anfield Stadium for a Liverpool vs Fulham soccer match, Convent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Londone Eye, Stamford Bridge for a tour of Chelsea Football Club's home grounds and Warner Bros. Studios to visit Hogwarts. Patches added: Hogwarts and I <3 London. [22]

Dex Again

The jersey returns to its origins at the garage sale at the 2013 Padres Fan Fest. Patches added: Stand Up 2 Cancer and G. L. B. [23]


My Little Pony Convention, Las Vegas Wranglers Hockey Game, Hoover Dam, Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, The Neon Museum, Chase Field for WBC Games, Peoria Sports Complex for a Padres Spring Training Game. Patches added: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.[24]


Lubbock, Texas, The Alamodome for Padres exhibition games vs the Texas Rangers, The Alamo and Cowboys Stadium for an NCAA Tournament game. Patches added: Texas Tech.[25]



Movie Trailer

creanium created a movie trailer for the epic journey.


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