Sandy Alderson

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Sandy Alderson is the former Padres CEO who was in charge of some of the controversial teams of the mid 2000s. He is forever associated with the "Moneyball" philosophy because he mentored and groomed Moneyball's star Billy Beane.

His philosophy in San Diego basically was bringing in old, slow players who could no longer hit with as much power as they once could, especially because the Padres play at a stadium that suppresses offense. The best teams of his regime either made the playoffs or were in contention, but the brand of baseball played in that era was boring to most Gaslamp Ballers and many blamed Alderson.

He also did weekly interviews on local radio and the consensus on Gaslamp Ball was that he came off sounding like an arrogant ass. Either that or he is an arrogant ass and his personality was exposed through the radio.


Many rejoiced in his removal following the ownership change that saw Jeff Moorad take over as CEO. Everyone was sad to see him go.