Ryan Davids

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The Padres of the last few years have developed a reputation for being able to find quality pitching from seemingly nowhere. Former Padres General Manager Kevin Towers even garnered a reputation of being a "dumpster diver" by finding treasure and value from no-named pitchers.

During the 2010 Padres Season, this reputation came into fruition even more when the Padres pitchers dominated the National League.

In a story on McCovey Chronicles on August 19, 2010, the Giants were six games back from the then-first place Padres. The writer was telling the community that they should root for the Giants to get the NL Wild Card spot. That way, the Padres and Giants could potentially face off in the NLCS. The writer then goes on to describe how the NLCS would play out, and eventually references the Padres ability to mold excellent pitchers out of nothing.

The Giants would scratch and claw and double play their way into a couple of runs to get close, but some faceless slider-tossing goof would come out and shut everything down. He probably isn’t even on the roster right now. One of the current goofs would go down to an injury, and the Padres would just make another one out of mud like an orc. They’d give him a name like "Ryan Davids", and he’d throw 93-mph sinkers and sliders that break five feet. Aaron Rowand just swung at one. He knocked over a water cooler in the clubhouse and everything.

And thus, Gaslamp Ball members had two new memes:

  • The team is nothing but "faceless slider-tossing goofs," which was worn as a badge of pride.
  • Ryan Davids, a made-up name, would be referenced as the team's next great pitcher.