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royhobbs is a traveler from Atlanta who stumbled upon GLB one day in 2008, seeking the local knowledge and advice of San Diego-area Padres fans, in preparation for a west coast ballpark trip. Despite being a Braves fan, what ended up happening was that he was enamored by the lighthearted atmosphere and clever wit of the locals. With the help of GLB, royhobbs had a great time in San Diego and was very grateful for the advice of the community.

To punish them for their generosity, he sporadically hangs out at GLB despite being a fan of a completely different team.

royhobbs is also known to do a lot of writing. He writes for a Braves blog on the same network as GLB, as well as a few other writing ventures. Due to his additional love for zombies, running and competitive eating, he somehow was named a writer for Uncommon Sportsman. But he's mostly known by older GLBers for some pretty lengthy, photo-filled, Padre-centric travel experiences:

royhobbs' trip to PETCO Park

royhobbs' trip to Washington D.C. to see the Padres accidentally sweep the Nationals and lose Stephen Strasburg in the draft

royhobbs' trip to Portland, Oregon to see the Padres' AAA-Portland Beavers in their last season because he wanted a shirt and a hat that said "Beavers" on it