Orlando Hudson

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Also known as the "O-Dog", Orlando Hudson was signed by the Padres to a 2 year deal to take over at 2B.

Created some controversy when he called out the Padres fans for booing the team.[1]

...well that's the reason why they're fans, they can't play, they can't play at this level, some have tried and got cut at the HS level or whatever. We're the ones that are blessed enough and got talent enough to make it to the big leagues....

He's also been known to spank some ass. Especially, Jason Bartlett's.[2]

In accordance with the parlance of our times, it is acceptable to use the phrase "lil buddy" when referring to anything pertaining to O-Dog.

He was released by the team on May 17, 2012 after providing very little production and generally not being well like by many during his time in San Diego.


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