Milton Bradley

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Milton Bradley played 42 games for the Padres in 2007. He played very well until a game on September 23rd when umpire Mike Winters called him an asshole and baited him into a fight. Bradley decided he was going to eat Winters' face for saying such things, but Winters was rescued when manager Bud Black came out of the dugout and supplexed Bradley into submission by spinning Bradley to the ground. Bradley ended up with an injured ACL and never played another game as a Padre. One of Milton's favorite moves was to break the bat over his knee when he struck out. That was cool.

GLB'ers are split over their feelings about Uncle Milty.

  • Some GLBers feel that Bradley was the greatest player to ever lace 'em up. These people are more likely to get stuck in abusive relationships.
  • Other GLBers feel that Bradley is the same sack of shit he was for the other seven teams for which he's played. These people are angry and bitter.