Maybe you Jerry

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Maybe you Jerry is a reference to Padres manager Bud Black's managerial style. During an open thread Buddy was referred to as being a "moron", which brought up questions about how he could be a "moron" and have a first place ball club. As texpadre commented:

Front running at its best. Padres on pace to win 97 games and 4 people have commented on a Padres blog that Bud Black is an idiot & a moron

Recently, a game had been won by a 1-0 margin in which Jerry Hairston Jr. hit a solo shot for the only run. So, Wonko summed up Bud Black's strategy for the game as:

Garland. Go shut ‘em out for 7 innings and I’ll bring in 2 stud relievers.

The rest of you, uh, get a run. Maybe you Jerry.

Later in that game Jerry Hairston Jr. hit a walk off solo home run. It is now commonly stated in Open Threads when the Padres are trailing and Jerry Hairston, Jr. comes up to bat.


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