May Beards

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A tradition started by matthewverygood in 2007.[1] The Padres went 18-9 for the month in that inaugural year. The effect of the beards seems to vary, but the Padres have rarely done poorly in May since the tradition began. When you compare their May winning percentage to the season winning percentage, the May winning percentage has always been higher since 2007 (it should be noted that the same can be said of the 2005 and 2006 Mays, which were two of the best May records in club history, but shhhh). matthewverygood outlined the rules in 2010.[2]

  • Light grooming is allowed, especially if you need to because your shaggy appearance might get you fired from your job or make your girlfriend or wife find you less sexy.
  • Don't like beards? That's fine. Mustache it up then!
  • Ladies, you can join too. Be creative. I won't judge you.
  • Need some tips? This site has the goods.
  1. Month of May Beard
  2. Gentlemen, start your BEARDS!