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Matt Vasgersian aka Matty V is a former play-by-play announcer for Channel 4 San Diego Padres television broadcasts. He left Channel 4 and San Diego following the 2008 season to join MLB network as an anchor. His signature quote was Santa Maria, which was used as a home run call or was blurted out to show the excitement of a play. Often made reference to the movie Caddy Shack, which his co-announcer Mark Grant loved. He and Mark Grant also liked to play a celebrity look-a-like game where they would take players, fans, coaches or basically anyone shown in the broadcast and compare their looks to known celebrities or former ball players. He made multiple on–air references to Gaslamp Ball during his days as a Padres Broadcaster [1]. He tried to popularize the use of "The Friar" as a way to refer to the Padres, but it never caught on. An example of his usage could be: "That was a 5 hit, 2 run inning for The Friar." While Vasgersian was with the Padres, he could often be heard announcing other TV broadcasts - from college football to binge eating contests.

St. Louis Cardinals Incident

During a stretch where the Padres were having a hard time beating the St. Louis Cardinals, Matt Vasgersian thought that he was speaking off air, but in reality the microphone caught his words. Here is a paraphrasing of what was heard as was posted on Gaslamp Ball by thenerdhater:

As one of the Ozarks finest pours himself out of the grandstands.....(pause)...and by the way the Rams should still be in L.A.......Had it with this place already.....(pause)....get back in your El Camino and drive back to the Ozarks...........(Then with Bard at bat Matt forgot to hit his cough switch in faint audio you here.).....I'm done with this place...I'm so tired of losing here.....Its hotter than shit......We get our asses kicked every time we come here .....I'm not coming here next year.

After taking some heat on the incident over at AwfulAnnouncing Gaslamp Baller Drama replayed his response:

Subject: Loving St. Louis!
Outstanding give and take fellas ... I'm digging all the grief this seems to have caused. As a loyal AA/Deadspin guy I'm actually pretty fired up to have landed on the radar here. In fairness to the sweaty Midwest, all that "St. Louis bashing" was for the benefit of the locals on our crew who like to ride us San Diegans about being slapped around by the Redbirds in the post-season every friggin' year. Not to mention I proudly rocked an El Camino back in the day myself. Keep blasting !!
Now if you'll excuse me there's a celebrity pull-my-finger tournament looking for a play-by-play guy.
Second Rate Announcer,
Matt Vasgersian

This response drew the ire of Dex since he had the gall to post on AwfulAnnouncing, but not at Gaslamp Ball.

Donovan McNabb Incident

During an video replay of a play in which Brad Hawpe was injured and required assistance from EMTs, Matt Vasgersian asked that video be backed up just so he could point out that one EMT looked just like Donovan McNabb. After seeing the video, most people saw only a slight resemblance to the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback. The comment could have been interpreted as racially insensitive, since there is common racist refrain that's been used along the lines of all Black people looking alike.

Matt Vasgersian later apologized:

I am an idiot. Save the racial stuff which is just flat out wrong, almost all of what has been posted on my regrettably horrific timing is spot on. It was a bad decision made on live TV and I can absolutely understand how that make an announcer sound insensitive. Bad on–the–spot judgment. Nobody feels worse about it than I do, guys.