Kory Blum

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Kory Blum is the hot wife of former Padres infielder Geoff Blum. She is the mother of 4 girls including triplets. Her hotness was first discovered in a "One-on-One" episode that jbox blogged about. To quote jbox:

Well I was watching Jane Mitchell's show "One-on-One" on Channel 4 and it turns out that Kory Blum is smokin' hot. I'd be writing cheesy letters to her in the newspaper too. I'd be reading cheesy poems aloud in the dug out and putting on little one act plays about how awesome she is. I'd make such a fool out of myself. Good for you Geoff Blum.

She obviously has a lot of patience for her husband since, according to Winfield's Ghost, he's a "jackass".

A cartoon was made out of her "One-on-One" episode.