Kevin Kouzmanoff

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Kevin Kouzmanoff was a burly 3B for the Padres whose last name inspired fans to yell "Kooooooz" when he came to bat. Or at least it inspired them to do that when he did well because his high strikeouts and lack of OBP may have also inspired a few "Booooos" as well. Perhaps some "Booze" too. Sadly, he probably still makes the top 5 in all time Padres 3B. He was traded to the Oakland Athletics for Scott Hairston and Aaron Cunningham. Kouz was known for his extremely slow start in hitting, came on strong TWSS late in the season, to not make us hate him. In 2009, he had the best fielding percentage for a 3rd baseman in the league, but did not win the gold glove. Most Gaslampers felt it was his 6 inch fielding range kept him from winning the award. Kevin was erroneously named The Crushin' Russian, even though he was Macedonian. Mark Grant renamed him The Mashing Macedonian.

Kouzmanoff's legend lives on for Padres fans. Due to his propensity for grounding into double plays, whenever the Padres need to get a double play ball, GLB'ers pray to Kouz for deliverance.