Jonathan Sanchez

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Jonathan Sanchez is a Giants pitcher who once threw a no-hitter against the Padres. This is not a rare accomplishment, as one in ten pitchers in MLB history has managed this "feat," sometimes with the aid of psychedelics. However, rumor says that on his way out of the stadium that day, he almost ran over an old gypsy crone, who then put a dreadful curse on Jonathan which rendered him property of the Padres and he has been winless against them since.

In August 2010 he actually had a real life psychic premonition of a crushing sweep of the first-place Padres that would put the Giants in sole possession of the division lead. However, it turned out that his incredible prediction was just the effect of bad gas, and he proceeded to lose the first game of the series on a failed fielder's choice--an embarrassing and frustrating loss like all of his decisions against the Padres in 2010. In fact, he actually pooped his pants and cried like a baby after the game, and even the Giants fans laughed at him.