Joe Thatcher

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Joe Thatcher was acquiring by the Padres in a surprising deadline trading of Scott Linebrink. He was good, then he was real bad, then he became good again. He is to this day the only player to make good on that Scott Linebrink trade, which is surprising because he was considered the least talented of the prospects acquired by the Padres.

Queen of the Run Fairies

His nickname Queen of the Run Fairies came about because during a bad stretch of 2008 the bullpen was named the Run Fairies and Joe Thatcher was their Queen. The original conversation occurred in the April 22, 2008 Open Thread.

So....who's ready to score four in the ninth??

Huh? Anybody?

by Drama
I love our team

But four runs in the 9th is just not in their makeup.

by Winfield's Ghost
The Padre bullpen is like the Run Fairy

Just sprinkle a couple bottom of the order hitters around the batters box….and when you wake up, your team is leading by 4 runs!

by goose1

we call them The Run Fairies from now on, right?

by Winfield's Ghost
The Run Fairies it is.
by Drama
Definitely. Le'ts try some test sentences:

"Wolf has pitched a gem….Time for the Run Fairies!"
"Whew. Our offense was hot today. Up by 6 runs in the 5th. Even the Run Fairies can’t screw this up…...can they?"
"Joe Thatcher is Queen of the Run Fairies."

by goose1