Jerry Coleman

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Jerry Coleman is a World War II and Korean War hero, former Yankees 2B and World Series MVP who has broadcasted and even managed the San Diego Padres. He is often called The Colonel, due to his military background. He's an American treasure.

He is also known for making on air flubs from time to time. Including a famous one: "There's a deep fly ball... Winfield goes back, back... his head hits the wall ... it's rolling towards second base." which has been used as (Reference Needed)'s signature line.

One of his signature calls is "Hang a star on that baby!", as he gets John Weisbarth to lean out the press box dangling a glittery cardboard star from a wooden stick.

He is also known for being asked by Ted Leitner, "What'd you do today Jer?" Where he typically responds with something mundane, but refreshingly honest and somewhat entertaining. Sometimes, Jerry gets on Ted's nerves and we like that.

In a Gaslamp Ball poll asking to rank him on a scale from Zero to Tony Gwynn, 33% of all voters gave Jerry a 10, meaning they considered him to be as important to the Padres franchise as Tony Gwynn. 65% of all voters ranked him a 9 or higher which is the most of any poll.[1]

For the 2010 season, Jerry was relegated to doing mostly color commentary for a limited number of games. He has continued doing play by play for Spring training games.


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