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Jayson Werth is the target of much ire from Dex. This actually goes back to pfs76 when Dex had a blog entry entitled Why I Dislike Jayson Werth. Dex gives two reasons he dislikes the then-Dodger Outfielder:

First, and this is a childish one, as Jess said to me the other day, "I know I shouldn't say this, but that's a really gay way to spell Jason. And I don't mean homosexual." I know what she means. More like "gay" when Eminem says it. I apologize if any of our readers spell their names Eminem gay.

The second reason is much more lengthy and is probably best to be read in its entirety, but here is the first highlight of the second reason:

Some time, late in the game, the Dodgers take the lead. I believe it was on a devastatingly long Shawn Green homerun. Maybe it was Bradley. I don't quite remember, but in the Padres half of the inning, Werth runs out to his spot in left field and holds his finger up to his mouth like saying, "SShhhhh" to everybody in the left field stands.
Well, let me tell you... I nearly shit my pants. I jumped up from my seat in section 122.. Left field's foul territory... And I proceeded to tear into Werth. I think I said something along the lines of "YOU CAN'T TALK BUSHLEAGUER! YOU GOT THREE K'S ON THE DAY! YOU'VE DONE NOTHING YOU WORTHLESS JACKASS!" I don't think I cursed, but who knows. Later, Jess said that the girl sitting next to her mentioned that I was so angry, my entire body was trembling.
Werth hears me, turns and I just give him hell till I turn blue in the face, to which he promptly brushes his shoulders off in that cocky Jay-Z kinda way, then takes off his hat and looks at it and nods. Like saying, hey I'm a Dodger... aint' that something? So I freak out, foaming at the mouth, and I give it to him a little bit more. The loudmouths nearby were shocked at my sudden display. Even they were a little embarrassed for me.

And the second highlight:

He steps forward slowly and catches it in the middle of the warning track. The air goes right out of the stadium. Werth turns to the left field stands and takes a bow. Then as he runs off he gives me a toodle-loo wave.
By then, I was exhausted and too weak to respond. I was probably dehydrated from all the shouting and crapping of my pants with rage. We went home defeated.

Perhaps due to Dex's dislike for Werth, Jayson Werth's dad sent Dex and thenerdhater spelling-mistake-ridden, grammatically-dubious and logically-erroneous letters that touted his son's accomplishments and mocked his haters.[1][2]

Jayson Werth was rumored to have been wooed by the Padres before joining the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2006-2007 offseason. This tested the limits of Dex's Padre fanhood. [3]


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