Jake Peavy

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Jake Peavy was a former Cy Young award winning starting pitcher for the Padres. He is a dumb hick loudmouth that Dalton defends, realizing that when Adrian Gonzalez is a Red Sox, everyone will also bitch about him (Adrian) in equal proportions. See also: "keepin' it real." Now a member of the White Sox, he chugged Jagermeister on his way to the 2007 Cy Young Award as a Padre, occasionally parking where he shouldn't and plowing through random bar skeeze.

Uncommon Injuries

Jake has a propensity for injuring himself in rather uncommon ways:

  • Severely cut his left hand while taking out the trash
  • Sliced his heel when he stepped on an open suitcase
  • He got a cracked rib, the result of a group hug during a postgame celebration. Hiding the injury from the team, he pitched poorly in the 2005 Division Series first game and got lit up for 7 runs[1].

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2007 Cy Young Award Winner
  • Franchise Record Holder For Strikeouts (1348)
  • Led The Major Leagues In ERA In 2004 (2.27) and 2007 (2.54)
  • Led The Major Leagues In Strikeouts In 2007 (240)
  • Led The NL In Strikeouts In 2005 (216)
  • Led The NL In Wins In 2007 (19)
  • Padres All Star In 2005 and 2007
  • Opening Day Starter in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009