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I Need an Adult!

In an open thread for the Padres vs Giants baseball game on April 23, 2008, a conversation was struck up between sdsuaztec4 and Turbine Dude about the San Diego State University baseball team and what to expect when attending games. At one point in the conversation, after Turbine Dude had offered his daughter up, he asked sdsuaztec4 his name by saying, "Young man, may I ask what your name is?" sdsuaztec4 replied, "I need an adult! I need an adult!", which is in reference to a quote used several times in the second-season episode of Family Guy, He's Too Sexy for His Fat.

  • One of sdsuaztec4's first Casual Encounters: [1]
  • Revisited here: [2]


see: Schilling?!?!


He once tried to write a series of FanPosts about the Padres' minor leagues. As many predicted, this did not last long.


sdsuaztec4 goes to law school somewhere in New York. He secretly wishes he was as good at it as maestro876.

He isn't.