Groupon spot

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Groupon Spot is the spot designated in the lineup for use by a player that uses a Groupon to be placed in the lineup. Official Padres lineup cards have the Groupon spot as #8, the final spot before the pitcher’s spot.

The lineup cards have been known to distinguish the Groupon spot from the rest with a “G”, “Gr”, “Gro”, “Grou”, or “Group”.

There are theories that the “Group” is just a part of the rest of the lineup card and it has to do with batting practice, but evidence that supports this theory has yet to surface.

While the 8th spot in the lineup has existed for decades, it did not obtain the distinction of being the Groupon spot until Friar Fever made an observation during the April 8th, 2014 game thread in the form of a comment:

By the looks of the lineup card, Medica used a Groupon to be the DH today. Good for him.

Since that day, Friar Fever and other Gaslamp Ball members have mentioned the Groupon spot in numerous game threads.

Also of note, there is no rule that a pitcher must bat in the 9th spot due to the use of a Groupon by Donn Roach on May 18th, 2014.