Glossary of Nicknames

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Mike Adams

  • Smooth - He resembles the character in Camel cigarette ads.
  • Ali G - Mike Adams picked up this nickname thanks to his resemblance to the character of the same name portrayed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen

Yonder Alonso

  • Skinny Jeans - A favorite of Friar Fever. He wore "suuuuuper tight" pants on a road trip. [1]

Alexi Amarista

  • Sexi Lexi - Because it rhymes and he's got a certain je ne sais quoi about him.

Matt Antonelli

  • Donatelli - Another one of Jerry Coleman's famous mix-ups, Jerry called Matt this name to announce who was on deck for the Padres during a Spring Training game in 2010.

Josh Bard

  • Storytime - jbox went to see Bard read stories to young kids. [2]

Heath Bell

  • The Cartographer - due to his determination to "put San Diego on the map." [3][4]
  • Cookie Monster - He has a love for cookies.
  • Heater or Heat

Bud Black

Henry Blanco

  • Blanco Bronco - Alliterative nickname that refers to OJ Simpson's white Bronco for some reason.
  • Hank White - The literal translation to English of his name.

Kyle Blanks

  • Blankzilla - A combination of "Blanks" and "Godzilla", this nickname is in reference to his large size and immense strength. "Blankzilla" is usually exclaimed when he hits a home run or extra-base hit.
  • Kyle OchoOcho - Spanish translation of "Eight-Eight", which refers to Blanks' uniform number of 88. The nickname pays homage to current Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco (Eight-Five in Spanish), who wears uniform number 85.
  • Baby Elephant - Because he is the size of one.
  • The Delorean - Because he wears the number 88 and in Back To The Future the Delorean needed to go 88 MPH.

Brad Brach

  • Candy Man

David Eckstein

  • Scrappy

Milton Bradley

  • Uncle Milty

Aaron Cunningham

  • Aaron Cunningslam - His first hit with the Padres was a grand slam.
  • Sneaky Pig - Cunning... ham... get it?
  • Chocolate Milk

James Darnell

  • Captain MASH or The Captain - First name and middle initial are "James T." like "James T. Kirk" the Star Trek captain. MASH because JDar sounds like Radar, a character from MASH, and Darnell is a slugger. [5]
  • Scrubs - Initials are "J.D." like "John Dorian" on the TV show Scrubs.

Chris Denorfia

  • Dr. Strangeglove - His methods for fielding are often unconventional. They usually involve a lot of diving.

Logan Forsythe

  • The Aristocrat - His name sounds like some southern gentleman who would escort someone to a debutante ball or cotillion or something.

Ernesto Frieri

  • Ernasty - At times his stuff can be nasty.
  • Ferrari - His last name kinda sounds like Ferrari and he throws really hard and Ferraris are really fast.

Jon Garland

  • Gnarland - The good version of the Padres pitcher who could produce groundouts with ease and record some sneaky strikeouts.
  • Judy - The bad version of the hurler for when he's giving up walks and getting pounded like he did on opening day 2010. It is a reference to the Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland who most figure would not have been a good baseball player.

Jake Goebbert

  • Gogurt - A re-imagining of his name to be the same as a handheld yogurt snack.

Yasmani Grandal

  • Yasmoney - Because it sounds like his name and saying someone is money means they are good.
  • Yazmanian Devil - A nickname the player likes as seen in his twitter handle YazmanianDVL08.

Khalil Greene

  • K-Bot - He's a robot and his first name begins with a "K".
  • Vulcan - He doesn't feel emotions like earthlings do.

Adrian Gonzalez

  • A-gone - Lack of personality means lack of an original nickname.

Justin Hampson

  • Ham Sandwich - A funny re-imagining of his last name.

Jerry Hairston Jr.

  • Jairston - A combination of his first and last name to help distinguish him from his brother.

Scott Hairston

  • Scott Harrison - Inside joke based off of especially ignorant comments made about Scott in the comments section. It has also been used in ignorance by Padres beat writer Bill Center.[6]
  • Shrek - Named such due to his resemblance to the animated Ogre of the same name

Chase Headley

  • The Savior - This nickname appears to have originated from this comment.

Orlando Hudson

  • ODog or ODawg - A nickname he prefers.

Nick Hundley

  • Hundleberries - No clue. Ask Axion. He started it.[7]
  • Love Hundles
  • Hundlebomb - Not so much a nickname for Hundley as a term used for home runs hit by him.

Wade LeBlanc

  • Frenchie or Frenchy - His name would seem to have Franch origins.

Wil Ledezma

  • Sauce - His full first name is Wilfredo, which sounds like Alfredo and that's a type of sauce.

Ryan Ludwick

  • Ludwicket - A portmanteau of his name and Wicket, a character from Star Wars. As thought up by sdchicken

Paul McAnulty

  • PMac
  • Snackanulty - Because he was a fatso.

Miles Mikolas

Edward Mujica

  • Mojito - Due to his last name (Mujica) sounding similar to the alcoholic drink, "Mojito"

Wil Myers

  • White Queso

Pat Neshek

  • Pat Knee Socks - Because it sounds similar to his real name and he wears his uniform so that you can see his high socks.
  • Neshexy - Because jodes0405 thinks his high socks are sexy.

Luis Perdomo

  • Perd-oh-no or Grrdomo - Because he often makes us say "oh no" or "grr" when he is on the mound.

Clayton Richard

  • Clay Dick - Because we are all, like, 12.

Dave Roberts

  • Doc or Doctor - Initials are DR like the abbreviation for Doctor.

Dennys Reyes

  • The Big Sweat - His "official" nickname, and one used fairly often by Mark Grant.

Oscar Salazar

  • Salad Czar or Salad Bar - Funny re-imaginings of his last name.

Terrmel Sledge

  • Secret Pop - Nickname given on account of Mark Grant's false hope that Terrmel had home run power.
  • Sledgehammer - Because it makes sense and we're not above obvious evolutionary steps.

Seth Smith

  • The Final Piece or TFP - Josh Byrnes referred to him as such after acquiring him. The nickname mocks his overreaching use of the term.

Tim Stauffer

  • Stouffer - Like the frozen dinner. Due to a mispronunciation of his last name.
  • Stawful or Stawesome - Depending on how he's pitching on a given night.

Joe Thatcher

  • Queen of the Run Fairies - Because the 2008 bullpen pitchers were the Run Fairies and Joe was their Queen. Can be shortened to QORF or QuORF.

Will Venable

  • Vendouble - A funny re-imagining of his last name, enhanced by his ability to hit doubles. It can be enhanced to work with any outcome Venable-related (i.e. Vensingle, Venhomer, etc.)

Edinson Volquez

  • Tesla - Because Edinson is close to Edison (as in Thomas), but Tesla (as in Nikola) was better.[8]

Barry Zito

  • Uncle Barry - Because Christina knew his niece and she was getting inside information about where he would head during free agency. [9]

General Nickname Usage

There some generic forms of nicknames commonly used at Gaslamp Ball.

  • Initials are common such as using AG to represent Adrian Gonzalez or CY for Chris Young. Some are slight more complex like with Tony Gwynn Jr. where he is referred to as TGJr.
  • The first initial will commonly be combined with the first 2-3 letters of the last name. AGo and AGon have been used for Adrian Gonzalez and ECab has been used for Everth Cabrera.
  • An old Bruce Bochy-ism is to add a "y" to a part of a name. This could be Gilly for Brian Giles, Greeney for Khalil Greene, Cammy for either Ken Caminiti or Mike Cameron or even obvious ones like Scotty for Scott Hairston. This still persists on Gaslamp Ball post-Bochy with nicknames like Evy for Everth Cabrera.
  • Shortening the name can also become a nickname, especially for longer names. The classic example is Kouz for ex-Padre Kevin Kouzmanoff.
  • Adding K's to pitchers' names as they record strikeouts. This is easily done with players like Jake Peavy (JaKKKe), Luke Gregerson (LuKe) or Mike Adams (MiKKe), but it can be also been done with parts of the name that make a "K" sound like the hard "c" in Wade LeBlanc (LeBlanKKK) or the silent "G" that could become a silent "K" in Jon Garland's nickname Gnarland (KKKKnarland) and with parts of the name that rhyme with "K" like the "La" in Mat Latos (K-tos or Ktos). Sometimes, we have to get creative and use the player's middle name, like with Ryan Christopher Webb (KKKKhristopher) or the player's nickname, like with Heath Bell (The Kartographer) and Joe Thatcher (Kueen of the Run Fairies).


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