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Gaslamp Ball is a blog about the San Diego Padres, run by Padres fans and hosted by SBNation. It was started on February 14th, 2005 by Jbox, Dex and Kev. The trio had previous run a blog called Padres Fans Since '76. Those who follow the blog are known as Gaslamp Ballers. The blog can be informational in nature like when important Padres-related links are relayed through Around the Mission or when Padres-related events such as a recent Padre game, Fanfest or players' philanthropic events are reported upon. It can be editorial in nature and posts may include commentary on what should be done about the dangers of shattered bats or how one of the bloggers feels about recent comments made by the front office. It starts open threads for Padres games where the users post their thoughts, feelings, experiences, jokes, frustration and inappropriate remarks about the game. It hosts FanPosts that allow members to contribute to the blog with their own choice of subject matter. And it hosts FanShots that allow members to relay links, images and quotes from around the web.

Mission Statement


  • Current: "Cognitively aware of the San Diego Padres since about 1980-1981... Fans since '76."
  • "Since Gwynn was thin."




The blog proudly displays the Gaslamp Ball Unicorn tattoo belonging to TheThirdGwynn.



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