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i want some free lunch

hey y’all! the name is nicole. born in the philippines, raised here in sd. i just finished my 2nd year at miramar community college (holla)… let’s see i’m an accounting major. i sing… A LOT. if i could be anything i wanted to be in life, i’d be mimi in rent, or elphaba in wicked. my favorite drink is water. i can play four instruments. i wanna get married by the time i’m 25 and have at least two kids before i’m 32. i actually do enjoy writing research papers. and i admit, i do love britney spears.

okay i swear i’m not that boring…

i chose freelunch as my username because when i was a senior, i qualified for the free lunch thing and have since declared that i love free lunch. actually i just love free food in general. my friend has made fun of me for it because it kind of also ties in with this one time that we met cla meredith and i made a comment about how it was a good day because we got free lunch at the autograph signing. i don’t know, you had to be there.

i’ve been a padres fan since probably junior high, but when i got to highschool, i kinda stopped paying any kind of attention to the padres. i would watch a game every now and then. when i got to college, i actually had time to watch baseball so last year was my ‘come-back’ year. NOBODY in my family likes baseball except for me so i never got to go to a game until last year when i finally knew someone that loved the padres as much as i do (yay amanda!). and like shayna, i would much rather watch a game than do anything else.

none of my friends understand it, except for my best friend amanda. sometimes i refer to pads as the papas or daddies… um let’s see… i’m not good at these things so if you wanna know something, just ask :)