Fox Sports San Diego

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The rights-holder for Padres broadcasts starting in 2012.


On March 17th, Fox Sports San Diego showed its first Padres telecast[1] even though MLB had yet to approve a deal between them and the team. The game aired on a temporary channel with the full channel launch not occurring until March 19th. Because it was a new station, agreements with all the local television providers needed to be worked out in order for the channel to air on each one. Cox and DirectTV were early adopters and Cox was the only one to air the channel full time initially. AT&T and Time Warner Cable lagged on their adoption of the new network leaving many Padres fans and Gaslamp Ballers frustrated. Nevertheless, the reviews on the actual broadcast and pregame show were good[2].



The channel has an official twitter account @FoxSportsSD. Many of its tweets are informative and cover the teams that the channel shows, however early in it's life it stirred up curiosity with the tweet:[3]

It also tried to start a campaign to get followers to call their cable or satellite providers to demand that they get the new channel.

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