Epic Threads

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Epic Threads are posts on Gaslamp Ball in which some sort of epicness occurs. A meme could be born, a significant life-altering discussion could occur, or a pissing match between two Gaslamp Ballers could result in hours of entertainment for the rest of us.

NL West Watch 7/23 (July 23, 2010)

One very epic thread started innocently enough, titled, NL West Watch 7/23. Members were discussing the remaining NL West games since the Padres had already won theirs for the day. Suddenly, it turned into a "Point-Counterpoint" Battle of Wits between Wonko and GLB-newbie Allen J. Kha.

It all started with a discussion regarding the Doyers sucking, which we all know to already be true. Allen expressed his like for Loney, Wonko called him on it, then it was ON! It really revved its engines when talking about Kelly Johnson's defense. Back and forth, back and forth, with GLB regulars tossing in their 2 cents. Occasionally.

It was determined that eastbaysd summarized it best:

It was Geeks on Geeks.

Attack on Wonko.

Allen gets Wonked, Cross-Wonked and Wonked-up-the-Ass.

Epic thread was epic.