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eastbaysd is always losing her skirt on the fanf. She also loves to shovel driveways.

Loves to drink copious quantities of Montecristo Spiced and Flor de Cana RUM. But not at the same time. Likes to take lots of photos of assets.

She was involved in a couple of mildly infamous exchanges with Wonko. The first concerning whether or not non-Padres should be praised for their attractiveness, specifically concerning division rivals. This centered around her expressing her desire for Diamondback Conor Jackson. The exchange was messy and was not appreciated by all. The second involved the two being very intoxicated and openly flirting during an open thread for a Padres games. It included some open invitations to come over and drink chilled Jagermeister. This got some other Gaslampballers excited, especially sdsuaztec4 who felt obligated to promote this drunken conversation over to his friends at Bolts From The Blue.

Has a key to Drama's Flirt Lair.