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SammyG wrote a FanPost on his version of a Padres Drinking Game. This version is possibly more of a joke than an actual game worth playing. It is also dated for the 2008 season. Here are the basics:

Rules: For each point (outlined bellowed), each contestant will take a shot of his/her beverage. You must complete your drink(s) before the next pitch is delivered. Once you vomit, you are disqualified, unless the group is playing “George Foreman Rules” were sandbagged points are awarded for each comeback after vomiting.
* 1 point, for a Padre Batter Striking out on 3 pitches (1 additional point if it was the same pitch all three times)
* 2 points for each GIDP by the Padres
* 1 point for each infield fly by a Padre (1 additional bonus point for each padre runner on base)
* 3 points for any inning where the padres get at least 3 hits and fail to score.
* 5 points for any obvious blown call (non-balls and strike) that the Padres manager does not argue (10 bonus points if the manager then argues a pointless play later in the game).
* 5th inning Bonus: If at the end of the 5th inning the Padres have given up 1 earn or less and are not winning (tied or losing), then its 5 bonus points
* 2 points for each Padre runner stranded at 3rd with less than 2 outs
* 1 point for each Padre runner stranded at 2nd with less than 2 outs and is not advanced to third.
* 1 point for each base allowed stolen base
* 1 point for every AB by the latest waiver claim/or 1 point for each batter face by the latest waiver claim.
* 5 bonus points for anytime after the 5th inning in a game less than 1 run, and Buddy Black brings in a reliever not named Heath or Cla.
* 7th inning Bonus: If at the end of the 7th inning the Padres have given up 1 earn or less and are not winning (tied or losing), then its 5 bonus points
* Game Bonus; 10 Points if the opposing starting pitcher sets a career high in K’s
* Fisherman’s Hawker rule. If it’s a 1 run game entering the 9th and the Padres are winning, turn off TV and drink the Fisherman’s Hawker.
How a winner is determined: WE ARE ALL WINNERS!!!

sdsuaztec4 encouraged Wonko to play what could be dubbed as the Disappointment Drinking Game[1]. The suggestion was "Take a shot for every Padre LOB, every Padre K, every time we fail to move the runner over, and Everytime we fail to get a RISP in", but the game is a little safer when played with sips of beer replacing the shots. Wonko revised the game to just sip his beer whenever the Padres disappointed him. For context purposes it is best to understand that this game was also developed during the 2008 season. The final revision came later in a SLPiH post[2].

For Drinking Beer, drink a sip anytime they do something that helps them lose. You can liberalize this depending on how drunk you want to get. I usually do it like this:
Offense: Strikeout, Double Play, pathetic swing that results in an out (Khalil rule), tagged out any base (other than a situation where is was a force anyway), LOB.
Defense: Error (or a bad play that’s not called an error due to some technicality like a mistimed dive that results in a triple), bad walks (judgement call on which to drink on), home run, stolen base.
For shots (haven’t actually played this one, might need some rule adjustments):
Offense: Any time the team finishes a half inning still trailing.
Defense: Any time the team finishes a half inning giving up 1 or more runs.

Another Wonko suggestion was: "Take a shot every time a rookie gets an at bat. That may be too many shots though."