Donavan Tate

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Broken. Always broken. Clicking the link that took you to this page was probably enough force to break one of the bones in his body. Why are you so mean?

In 2011, after battling injuries to come back (sports hernia in 2009, an ATV accident shortly thereafter and an intestinal problem in 2010) and start hitting well for the Padres affiliate in Eugene, he was suspended 50 games for violating the league's drugs of abuse policy for the second time. He returned, but injured his wrist and had to spend the offseason recovering.

Before the 2013 season, Tate did not show up to the Padres Spring Training facility for what the team called personal reasons. In June 2013 it was revealed that he had gone to a 5 month drug rehabilitation facility. He was able to return to the organization afterward for what may be his last chance to prove himself to the team that took him 3rd overall in the 2009 draft.