Dolphin Porn

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Dolphin Porn was originally referenced in a post by Dex expressing his disgust towards the Padres using Akinori Otsuka in Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field. [1] To quote Dex:

In six games at Chase the Bob, Aki sports a 74.25 ERA. That's an ERA that's 20 times as large as what we might consider decent. When you're 20 times beyond decent, you've ventured into the obscene. And I mean obscene by anybody's standards. Like dolphin porn obscene.

In the comments section Emcee Emerson posted:

Wow, Dex, we're like brothers! I thought I was the only one who watched dolphin porn. Something about those high pitched squeels...

To which Dex responded:

WOAH! TIMEOUT! Don't anybody be sending me no dolphin porn. Emcee Emmerson is talking crazy talk. I don't want to end up on Sea World's watch list.

A few years later, Dex revisited the topic of Dolphin Porn after being inspired by a picture of Will Venable touching a dolphin.[2]

Continued Use

Dolphin Porn references will frequently turn open in Open Threads. Sometimes it has been attempted to start rallies or hold leads much like Unicorns. No one is really sure if it has ever been successful, but they are pretty sure that is both funny and disturbing. It is also used to signal the need for a new open thread because the current one is so full of crap it takes forever to load. In SBNation v.1, threads would collapse after 500 comments. Dolphin Porn was used as a cry for help (to get a new thread opened) and as a warning to other posters once the new thread had started to abandon ship before the thread collapsed with them inside.


  1. Three of my least favorite words: Aki is pitching! (at Chase/Bank One)
  2. Your dolphin porn off-day photo and the origins of a GLB meme