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A Dickism is repeated phrase used by Padres announcer Dick Enberg. Some Dickisms are traditional, timeless phrases that put Dick's mark on the broadcasting world. Others are weird ramblings, bumblings or old timey expressions that make people question if he even knows what he's saying. There are also second-hand Dickisms. This is when people on Gaslamp Ball can just make fun of something Dick says usually because of Dick's first name being a synonym for the male member, because he is old and senile or because he sounds like he's rooting for the other team.

Traditional Dickisms

  • Oh, my
  • Touch 'em All

Other Dickisms

  • Anything about pocket squares
  • Efren (instead of Everth, as in Everth Cabrera)
  • Warning Path (instead of Warning Track as the rest of the baseball world calls it)
  • San....chez (an odd extra pause always added to Jonathon Sanchez' last name)
  • Lo...pez (an odd pause in another latino name)
  • San-do-veil (a horrible mispronunciation for Pablo Sandoval)
  • Infield tight, hitter's delight
  • "if you've gotten so good at something that you have no room to improve, the only other way to go is down."
  • "This day in history, Bonnie and Clyde were killed."
  • When asked about other's complaining about him being too favorable for the other team "Hmmm, I find that a real compliment."
  • Action pitch (the pitch delivered with a 2-1 count)
  • Hitting clothes (a reference to some mythical clothes that a batter will put on to help him hit)
  • Murky Cabrera (How Dick pronounces the name Atlanta Braves OF Melky Cabrera)
  • Padre on every pillow (Padres have the bases loaded)
  • Base traffic (Apparently means men on base)

Second-Hand Dickisms

  • "The wonderful world of high definition" -Dick Enberg

It’s great from what you’ve been told, right? (by Axion)

  • Evil Dick (a picture of Dick Enberg with Mark Grant's "hair")
  • Anything about Dick getting excited.
  • Responding to any anti-Dick sentiments with "Dick takes that as a compliment."