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Resident whiner and historian of the awesome ass beating of the cubs in the 84 NL championship series. Visited Wrigley field on a tour one time and asked the tour guide where the visitors' dugout was. When the tour guide answered and asked why, he answered " because that's where my team was sitting in 84 when they were deciding how they would continue to make your team pay for not letting that poor man and his Billie goat into this old dump of a stadium". Started getting really bonus pissy toward the end of 2011. In early 2012, he referred to Dex as "a big contributor to this blog" and when laughed at by jodes0405 and TheThinGwynn, he then stated that perhaps room could be made in this very wiki to ridicule him for such. Since TheThinGwynn had grown tired of his boo-hooing and constant insulting of the front office (plus the fact that TTG himself enjoys being an ass), he obliged.