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Chase Headley is the current third baseman of the Padres. He is referred to as The Savior. This nickname appears to have originated from this comment. Ostensibly, the name was inspired by the Padres' Front Office refusing to call up Headley from the minor leagues for a good portion of the 2008 season out of a desire to keep him from being viewed as a "savior" of the big league club and placing too much pressure on the young man. He was repositioned in left field for 2009. He won the battle for 3rd base, his natural position, from Kevin Kouzmanoff - when Kouz was traded before the 2010 season.

It had been hoped that one day he will fulfill the potential he showed in the minor leagues, and earn an extra "u" in his nickname and become "The Saviour".

Headley would be a key contributor to the Padres for parts of 8 seasons. He was one of the best players on the team that nearly made the playoffs in 2010. Surprisingly, much of his value to the team came from his defensive ability. At the plate, he had value as a player who could get on base a lot, but during his first full 3 seasons as a starter (2009-2011) he never showed the power that he teased everyone with in the minors and upon his arrival to the major leagues in 2008. This was especially disappointing in 2011 when the team looked to him for offense after Adrian Gonzalez was traded. In 2012, his power finally manifested. More specifically, in the second half of the 2012 season it exploded. His 31 HRs that season were more than the previous 3 combined. He led the league in RBI and won a silver slugger award. His bat also helped his defense get noticed and he won a gold glove that year as well.

The breakout sadly would not last. In 2013 and 2014, partially because of injuries, his hitting form slipped. Both seasons began with injuries. In 2013 he battled back and a late season surge helped him looked like he had gotten his mojo back. The 2014 season would start similar to the 2013 one and it took even long for him to get going. Since he and the Padres had not been able to work out a contract extension his status as an impending free agent after the season forced the club to deal him.

In July 2014, Headley was traded to the New York Yankees in exchange for INF Yangervis Solarte and P Rafael De Paula. The trade was rated 33% fresh (which is actually quite rotten).[1] While many understood the situation that led to the trade it still left people feeling rotten about it. Mostly because the events that brought the team to the point where it could only acquire spare parts in exchange for a player that had become a franchise institution and not because of any particular problem with the trade itself.

Notable Accomplishments

  • 2012 Gold Glove Winner[2]
  • 2012 Silver Slugger[3]


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