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Every great bullpen deserves a colorful nickname, and Padres relievers Heath Bell and Mike Adams have come up with one for San Diego's best-in-baseball bullpen.

The "PENitentiary."

Padres relievers distributed "PENitentiary" shirts in the clubhouse to bullpen members before Friday's game against the Orioles.

In blue print against a gray background, a National League logo is depicted behind jail bars. Nearby is the phrase: "Got 'em in lockdown!"

Bell proudly displayed a shirt. "It's awesome," said the closer, who is 2-0 with a 1.98 ERA and 17 saves.

Adams, the eighth-inning specialist, enlisted his tattoo artist to create the "PENitentiary" logo[1]


  1. Padres Dub Dominant Bullpen 'PENitentiary'; Will It Stay Intact?

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