Bud Black

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Bud Black or Buddy Black doesn't play by your rules. He's the mostly mild mannered Manager of the Padres, although there is video evidence of him laying into Tim Stauffer during a game. He has to be one of the most boring persons to interview in the history of time.

Also known as Budbot.

Buddy also played baseball collegiality and professionally. He pitched for the San Diego State Aztecs and met his wife while attending University. He bad his career with the Kansas City Royals where he helped that team win a World Series Title in 1985. He always played for the San Francisco Giants and Cleveland Indians. He was the pitching coach for the Angels -- where he also got a World Series ring in 2002 -- before joining the Padres. Some day, he'll get off his ass and get a World Series ring as a Manager, too. Won't you, Buddy? Won't you?

In 2010, Black rightfully won the NL Manager of the Year award after guiding the Padres to a 90-72 season.