Breakfasttown USA

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Breakfasttown USA is inspired by a quote given by Tom Garfinkel where he found that San Diego was a "breakfast town" after doing research on Padres fans. Dex took this in stride by merely mentioning it in a very factual post detailing the new "Breakfast at the Park" service the Padres were offering [1]. jbox got a little more indignant about this characterization when he blogged about a Q&A done by Bill Center with Tom Garfinkel. [2]

You know what bothers me most about this Q&A. There is a disconnect between the Padres marketing and what fans actually want.
Tom Garfinkel is a fan expert not a Padres fan. He's a fan of rebranding teams and then moving on. He'll be a fan of whoever you pay him to be a fan of. You want a NASCAR fan? Cut Garfinkel a check. Diamondback fan? Pull out a wad of bills. Padres fan? Eggs, over easy, side of hash browns and bacon. Breakfast is all it takes to make a Padres fan.
How long has Garfinkel been in San Diego? A few weeks? He can definitively say that this is a "breakfast town"? I've lived here all my life. Never once have I ever heard it referred to as a "breakfast town" and for some reason it annoys me that this is what a fan expert takes away from his research.

Dex later discovered that Tom Garfinkel didn't come up with this terminology on his own. [3]

"How'd you get it?"
Garfinkel leaned in close like he didn't want people nearby to hear. "I was at a function and meeting some different people. I got to talking to Rolf Benrischke and he said to me, 'You oughta do something with breakfast. This is a breakfast town you know.' I looked at him and told him that he was like the fourth person to tell that to me and Benirschke said it's cause it was true."

As a tongue-in-cheek jab at Tom Garfinkel and his assessment of San Diego as a "breakfast town," including the anecdotes he heard, as well as the, "Welcome to Dodgertown," sign, Gaslamp Ball sells t-shirts that read, "Welcome to Breakfasttown, USA" [4]