Bad Drafting

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The Padres have been handicapped over their history by failing to draft well. Below is a listing of all first round picks made by the Padres according to how well they went. If you peek ahead you'll see that this is 1 Hall of Famer, only 2 guys that actually did quite well for the Padres (but were traded and went on to play well elsewhere), 2 guys that played well exclusively for other teams and 6 guys that did okay (and did it in San Diego). That's 11 picks with varying success and 47 that either had little success, no success or are still waiting to get to the majors. It is also worth noting that the 1999 draft and 2004 draft stand out as the biggest failures. The former for multiple failures and the latter for one horrendous failure.

Horrendous Failures (1)

20041.1Matt BushWhat Ryan Leaf would be like if he played baseball.

Guy who never made the majors (16)

19751.2 Mike Lentz
19801.5 Jeff Pyburn
19811.26 Frank Castro
19871.10 Kevin Garner
19911s.31 Greg Anthony
19961.15 Matt Halloran
19991.20 Vince Faison
19991.28 Gerik Baxter
19991.29 Omar Ortiz
19991s.41 Casey Burns
19991s.51 Nick Trzesniak
20001.9 Mark Phillips
20011.14 Jake Gautreau
20071s.40 Kellen Kulbacki Derailed by injuries
20071s.46 Drew Cumberland Retired after vertigo issues
20071s.64 Danny Payne
20101.9 Karsten WhitsonDid not sign

Guys who briefly made the majors (13)

19691.24 Randy Elliot114 G
19711.2 Jay Franklin3 G
19771.8 Brian Greer 5 G
19791.14 Joe Lansford 25 G
19831.10 Ray Hayward 19 G
19841s.27 Gary Green 106 G
19901.25 Robbie Beckett 7 G
19971.27 Kevin Nicholson 37 G
19991s.49 Mike Bynum 29 G
20051.18 Cesar Carrillo 3 G
20061.17 Matt Antonelli 21 G
20081.42 Jaff Decker 18 G - Still Playing, but no longer with Padres
20111s.58 Jace Peterson 27 G - Still Playing

Guys who haven't made the majors yet (14)

20061s.35 Kyler Burke No longer with Padres, traded to Cubs
20071.23 Nick Schmidt Derailed by injury, traded to Rockies
20071s.57 Mitch Canham No longer with Padres
20081.23 Allen Dykstra No longer with Padres
20091.3 Donavan Tate Injuries and drugs have slowed him down
20111s.10 Cory Spangenberg High Ranking Prospect
20111.25 Joe Ross High Ranking Prospect
20111s.48 Michael Kelly Moving slowly
20121.7 Max Fried High Ranking Prospect
20121s.33 Zach Eflin High Ranking Prospect
20121s.44 Travis Jankowski Decent Prospect
20121s.55 Walker Weickel High Ranking Prospect
20131.13 Hunter Renfroe High Ranking Prospect
20141.13 Trea Turner High Ranking Prospect

Guys who weren't very good in the majors (9)

19701.1 Mike Ivie
19721.1 Dave Roberts
19741.1 Bill Almon
19761.5 Bob Owchinko
19791.24 Bob Geren
19861.11 Thomas Howard
19901s.32 Scott Sanders
19951.2 Ben Davis
19981.9 Sean Burroughs

Guys who were okay in the majors (10)

19781.5 Andy Hawkins
19821.3 Jimmy Jones
19841.11 Shane Mack
19851.23 Joey Cora
19911.8 Joey Hamilton
20021.13 Khalil Greene
20031.4 Tim StaufferStill Playing
20051s.35 Cesar Ramos Still Playing (Traded to Rays)
20071s.63 Cory LuebkeStill Playing
20081s.46 Logan ForsytheStill Playing

Guys who played well for other teams (2)

19931.14 Derek Lee Marlins, Cubs
19941.3 Dustin Hermanson Marlins, Cardinals, White Sox, etc

Guys who were pretty good for the Padres, but also good elsewhere (2)

19811.6 Kevin McReynolds
19881.1 Andy Benes

Hall Of Famer (1)

19731.4 Dave Winfield