Art Vanndelay

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  • Grew up a Dodger fan and converted to the Padres after witnessing far too many parking lot stabbings and assorted gunfights.
  • Found out it takes about the same amount of time to go to Petco Park as it does to drive from his home in Redondo Beach to Dodger Stadium without the chance of random violence.
  • Somehow developed an unhealthy love for cat food commercials [1], as well as all things Panda (most likely due to the fact that they share the same physical appearance as well as social traits.)
  • Claim to fame is the knowledge of all of San Diego Zoo's resident Panda's and offspring's names and their correct pronunciation from 1998 on.
  • Is currently working on memorizing the Zoo's resident Silver Back Gorilla family tree.
  • Relies on Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton for NCAA bracket advice.
  • Wishes he was an architect.