Allen J. Kha

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Also known as OnATangent to Wonko. Common tangents include things related to the University of Virginia, the Rays or DRaysBay, and soccer. He is a self-proclaimed "traditionalist", uneducated sabermetrician, and soccer snob.

Got into a heated discussion with Wonko about several topics in an Epic Thread on July 23rd, 2010. He made the fatal mistake of taking all of Wonko's arguments personally, and began defending himself by trying to boast about unrelated topics, talking a little too much about the baseball scouts he knew and his extracurricular activities.

He left Gaslamp Ball the morning after the Epic Thread, and was banned from this Wiki site when things got petty and he said some really mean things to both Wonko and creanium. But he later saw the err of his ways, apologized privately to Wonko and creanium, and apologized publicly (perhaps a little too much). All order was restored, although it remains to be seen if he will return to Gaslamp Ball.