Turn into the skid

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The phrase Turn into the skid or Turning into the skid is a driving term used to describe you to deal with the car skidding in winter weather. It can be interpreted to mean that you need to embrace everything that's going wrong in order for things to get better.

This phrase was used to describe the end of the 2007 season. It started in the 9/25/2007 open thread. The game was an important part of the race for the Division title and the Padres responded in this game by, to quote Winfield's Ghost:

Lot of things went wrong tonight. Khalil forgot how to field. Hairston was unsportsmanlike. And I think that line shot just broke Trevor's femur.

We're still done. It will be impossible to win tomorrow. Impossible, I tell you. Im. Poss. Ible.

Earlier, when Khalil "forgot how to field" Goose1 first used the phrase:

How often do you see Khalil do that?

See. It's a curse. And we're only going to get it lifted by turning into the skid...which Blum and Khalil both did this inning.

New Slogan
Instead of "Mission October" it's "Turn into the Skid."

I'm a firm believer in making things better by making them worse.

2 out single!
That's no way to start a rally, you say? Well. In BIZARRO WORLD it is. And that's where we have to play while we're busy being cursed. Up is down. Black is white.


The Padres went on to win the game, end a 4 game "skid" and stay alive in the playoff hunt.

Since this was when Winfield's Ghost was still writing Smells Like Padres in Here, the phrase was further embedded into Gaslamp Ball consciousness when he used it as part of the title in his next 4 posts.