Tim Stauffer

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Tim Stauffer is one of the many high first round draft picks made by the Padres that never really lived up to initial expectations. At least he made the majors and actually had some good stretches in 2005, 2009 and 2010.

He had a memorable moment in 2009 when Bud Black laid into him during a game and the cameras caught it. Two of his 2010 starts were extremely clutch. When Kevin Correia had to temporarily leave the team due to a family emergency, Stauffer filled in and pitch brilliantly. The Padres lost the game because of a late inning error, but Tim did some stellar work that day. Later in the season the Padres had lost 10 games in a row and it was Mat Latos' turn in the rotation. However, Latos was ill and Stauffer, who had pitched 2/3 of an inning the night before and took the loss, was asked to start. He went four innings giving up only 1 run, which provided just enough to help the Padres end the 10 game skid.

His last name came re-imagined based on whether he is doing well (Stau-some) or doing poorly (Stauful or Staw-ful).

Notable Accomplishments

  • Opening Day Starter In 2011