Khalil Greene

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Khalil Greene is a former shortstop for the Padres. He is theorized to be both a robot and a Vulcan, however the robot theory is more common. The robot theory led to the the nickname K-bot. The robot theory also gave way to common refrains like when he came out of a slump "He had a software upgrade" or when he was struggling at the plate that "He needs a software upgrade." The second refrain was more common because he had a propensity for swinging and missing at pitches right down the middle. He got some of loudest cheers ever for a Padre compared to how little he actually contributed. For all of his faults, he was the most successful first round pick of the decade of the 2000s, but that says more about the Padres picks than it does about Khalil Greene.

This is about Khalil, isn't it?

Gaslampball user Phantom would also put in long responses to anything concerning Khalil. This behavior ramped up in Khalil's waning years as a Padre when his production started to dip, he got more expensive and the time before his impending free agency lessened. The debates about Khalil would get lengthy and Phantom would often try to make sure he got the last word. Perhaps, the lengthy discussions were helped by those that would try to rile up Phantom. So, whenever Phantom got riled up about any (or pretty much made a comment about anything) another Gaslamp Ball user would feel obligated to post "This is about Khalil, isn't it?"


On December 4, 2008, Khalil was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for pitchers Mark Worrell and Luke Gregerson. Following his trade and departure from the team, the lockers in the Padres clubhouse were elated and rejoiced as they no longer were subject to suffering at the hands of Khalil, who had a propensity to punch and otherwise cause harm to the lockers.