Cla Meredith

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  • Cla Meredith was acquired in 2006 at the end of a confusing set of trades with the Boston Red Sox featuring complete asshole Doug Mirabelli. He was awesome that first year due to the deceptive nature of his submarine delivery.
  • He did not surrender a run in 28 consecutive appearances, a span of 33 2/3 innings from July 18 through September 12. That streak set a franchise record, passing Randy Jones' 30-inning scoreless streak. The 33 2/3 scoreless innings also tied Orel Hershiser's mark in 1984 for the second-longest streak by a rookie since 1970. It now stands as the second-longest scoreless stretch by a rookie relief pitcher in the live-ball era.
  • Things slowly went downhill after that as he went from awesome to good to solid to bad to worthless as batters figured out his side arm motion and teed off. His real first name is Olise (sounds like "Olive" with an "S" sound instead of a "V" sound). He was also referred to as Claw since there was another "Clay" (Clay Hensley) on the team for most of his tenure. Some of the ladies found him cute.