2010 draft

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The 2010 draft was the first draft conducted by the Moorad ownership group, their handpicked General Manager Jed Hoyer and his new staff. Because the team had struggled the previous season they picked in the top 10, number 9 overall. The used that selection on a High School pitcher out of Florida named Karsten Whitson. It seemed like a good pick at the time since he seemed to have the potential to be an ace and usually those types of players don't make it that far in the first round unless they have signability concerns. Supposedly, the Padres and Whitson had the parameters of a deal worked out, but as is common in draft pick negotiations nothing was signed going into the final days before the deadline. At the last minute demands were changed. The Padres scrambled, unprepared for this scenario. No deal could be worked out and both sides began their spin stories. The Padres made it seem like Whitson reneged on his end of the bargain and Whitson's father offered up some story about how it was his son's dream to pitch in college. The Padres would receive a compensation pick in the next draft for the failure to sign the kid and Whitson would go on to show off his skills at the University of Florida before an arm injury before the 2013 season hurt his prospect status.

The draft was not a total loss. Second round pick Jedd Gyorko has performed at a level worthy of a first round selection and made his major league debut in 2013. Ninth round pick Josh Spence made his major league debut in 2011 and had a brief stint as a situational relief pitcher. A couple other picks like Zach Cates and Tommy Medica may still make an impact, but the draft results seem a little off without that high first round selection. In 2011, Jed Hoyer and his top draft adviser Jason McLeod left to join the Cubs front office leaving behind any trace of accountability for this draft blundering.