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jodes0405 has been a GLB member since August 17, 2009. Likes long walks on the beach, baking cupcakes, Weezer, beer pong, and Nicaraguan shortstops. Constantly changing her pants.

Earned a role on Gaslamp Ball as open thread creator because she has no life and jbox and Dex are very lazy busy.

She hates the Dodgers and their fans and Dodger fans hate her. She caused an internet uproar when she was granted the power to vote for the SBNation awards and didn't rank Clayton Kershaw high enough on her ballot for some Dodger fans' liking.[1] Dex came to her defense regarding the vote[2], but jodes0405 also eloquently defended herself[3][4][5][6]. She also took the time to chronicle how her actions at a Padres-Dodgers game would be quite annoying to Dodger fans.[7]

Everth Cabrera

jodes0405, real name Jodi, shares an unhealthy obsession with current Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera. Any time he makes a great play, hits a home run, or actually, whenever his name is mentioned, she loses all control and wets her pants in a way normally only associated with men.


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  3. I'll take the award seriously when they tell me that I have to vote based on certain metrics or calculations.
  4. Who are you to say we aren't real Padres fans?
  5. That's exactly what it was.
  6. This is as simply as I can put it, and if you still don't get it, ask a 4 year old to explain it to you:
  7. Inb4 TL;DR...
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